A Small and Beautiful Life

My uncle David –– David Wesley Marks, shown here — died on December 20, 2019. I loved him and I hadn’t seen or spoken to him in many years. He died sober and loved and loving. He died drowning in fluid from his own lungs. I loved him and I was afraid of him and… Read more »

The Silence We Inherit

Last fall I spent some time digging through genealogical records and found the secret Anishinaabe heritage no one else in my family seems to know about. My father had been trying, gently, for years to suggest it to me, but I’d silenced him over and over. I was afraid. I told myself that I was… Read more »

Fifteen Years Later

I’ve always felt things cyclically. In the spring I have a mild cough from the memory of croup. Each fall I feel a small anxiety that my family will lose itself again. The first anniversary of a friend’s death hits harder than the first day after they die. Each passing year brings me back around… Read more »